About Us

City Carbonic LLC is a Department of Transportation approved hydro test facility, specializing in the service and safety of compressed gas cylinders.   We received our approval in 1982.  In 2008 we received our Oklahoma Department of Health Fire Extinguisher license.

City Carbonic LLC has never been cited or fined during the many unexpected inspections conducted by the Department of Transportation Enforcement Division.

We are one of four approved facilities in the Oklahoma City area; and the only company in the state that offers a full line of services and products to the compressed gas industry.

City Carbonic is locally owned and operated from its 406 S.W. 4th Street location.  We service many different industries; industrial gas, fire departments and municipalities, fire extinguisher, paintball, SCUBA, racing, beverage and medical gas to name a few.  Our job is to make sure that the compressed gas cylinders used in these industries are safe to remain in service.

Our Story
Brian Battie Co was purchased in 1944 by Lawrence Amzy Morgan, who later changed the name to City Carbonic Sales & Service in 1946.  At the time it was a soda fountain service company; distributing Carbon Dioxide gas and fountain syrup to drug stores, restaurants and taverns.  City Carbonic was incorporated in 1964.  Louis A. Morgan became the President of City Carbonic in 1967.  The food service industry continued to be its primary market for the next 53 years.  Carbon Dioxide is distributed in high pressure gas cylinders which must be requalified for continued service every 5 years.  The cost to have the company’s cylinders requalified by an outside vendor became extremely cost prohibitive and the company invested in the equipment to provide its own in-house requalification.  City Carbonic installed its first hydro test equipment in 1982 and became a DOT approved facility.  In the early 1980’s, City Carbonic brought a new method of delivery of Carbon Dioxide to Oklahoma, referred to as the mini-bulk system.  Throughout the 80’s and 90’s City Carbonic’s sales volume grew extraordinarily.   It serviced restaurants not only in Oklahoma, but also, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas from the one central Oklahoma depot.   City Carbonic held service contracts with many major chain restaurants like Braum’s, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Hardee’s, Pizza Hut and Ci Ci’s Pizza to name a few.  It was faced with a potential capital outlay of several million dollars to keep up with the continued growth that would likely expand even farther into several states.  City Carbonic had gained the largest share of the market in the 5 state area.  In 1997, the majority of the delivery assets and customer accounts/contracts were sold to NuCo2, a nationwide company specializing in the delivery of mini bulk carbon dioxide gas.  City Carbonic had blocked NuCo2’s movement to the west coast and was in a prime market to divest this portion of the company.  City Carbonic reinvested the proceeds from the sale into a new state of the art requalification facility specializing in sales and service of compressed gas cylinders.  In the past 10 years, City Carbonic has grown to become the largest requalification facility of its kind in Oklahoma.  In 2001, Amy Morgan Bruecks became the President of City Carbonic.  City Carbonic is now in its third generation of ownership.


Our Facility
Same location since 1949
Easy access to I-40 

Modern equipment
Better cylinder tracking

Can handle palletized trucks/loads

Business Hours - Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.